LEGO Robo-Camp 2017

Team 980 worked with the Burbank Public Library to offer a LEGO Robotics Camp from July 17-21 and July 31-August 4! We developed a special curriculum for the camp, along with a custom game and mat! We helped 40 kids learn how to build and program LEGO Mindstorms robots, a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Our summer team captain, Ethan Godfrey, said,

The LEGO Robo-Camp we held at the Burbank Public Library was extremely successful. At both library locations we had great groups of kids who enjoyed the program and had an amazing time. Though what was especially successful was the kid’s growth of both skills and comfort with robotics and science. Personally, I observed that at the start of the camp, a handful of kids were a little uneasy or nervous, as they had never really touched robots or used computers, but by the end of the program, they were taking the lead within their groups with a smile on their face. Additionally, many of the kids loved the obstacle course and testing their robot code and designs. Finally, as the judge who reviewed the groups at the end, I loved hearing them talk about their robot and explain what code they used, how they designed and built their LEGO robots to achieve the tasks of the course, and of course, how much fun they had.

We had a great time, and hope to give the camp again soon!