Team 980 at the 2014 Scout Expo!

Team 980 linked up with Boy Scout Troop 351 for the 2014 Scout Expo, held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Sat May 31. We created a very popular exhibit: “You can be an Engineer!” for earning the Webelos Engineer Activity Badge.



Thousands of scouts saw our exhibit and learned about what engineers do: create the future! Webelos interviewed engineering mentors from Team 980, experienced “hands-on” exhibits for electrical circuits and generators, block and tackle pulleys, and took home a miniature catapult they constructed from tongue depressors, rubber bands and a plastic spoon.

Team 980 demonstrated our 2014 robot, which attracted a lot of attention when we catapulted the ball. Our sister robotics team, Team 2404, brought a T-shirt cannon, which was also a big hit!

We had a great time with Troop 351 and look forward to doing this again!