Team 980 Competes at 2014 SCRRF Fall Classic!

Team 980 sent our 2014 robot on both Sat and Sun to the biggest ever So Cal Regional Robotics Forum (SCRRT) Fall Classic competition.


On Saturday, we struggled with a few robot issues, but the venue itself also had some difficulties. Still, we competed in five matches, allowing new student team members to be part of our drive team.

Sunday was a much better day for Team 980. We worked well in matches, including many successful truss shots. We had our veteran drivers on-hand, but still cycled new members through the drive team. Unfortunately, we were plagued with an intermittent electrical issue in a few of our seven matches. The problem caused our robot to drop communications with the field, from which we would recover within ~15 seconds. Still, we ended up in eighth place out of 24 robots. We were selected by the #2 alliance to play in the elimination matches, but we chose to, as our team captain responded: “Respectfully decline, as to not hurt the alliance because of our electrical issues.” Team 980 received a warm ovation from the crowd for our difficult decision.

Thanks go to Robin Dorfman for handling the food for team members on Saturday and providing transportation for a few students! We’d also like to thank Deborah Koslowski for bringing food for team members on Sunday, as well as driving some students to and from the event!

Final results for the Fall Classic are shown below: