Team 980 has registered for the FRC 2011 season!

Team 980 has registered for it’s 10th season in the FIRST Robotics Competition program.

We’ve registered for the Los Angeles Regional, to be held at the Long Beach Sports Arena on March 24-26. This is our “home” regional event where we have won two of our three Regional Championships and twice were Regional Finalists. The Los Angeles Regional is held in an excellent location and will feature many of the top FRC teams from California.

Team 980 has also registered for the FIRST Championship in St. Louis (April 27-30). Since Team 980 did not participate in the Championship event last year, we are eligible to register early and did so! Team 980 is no stranger to FIRST Championship: we’ve participated in seven Championships in our history, with two appearances in division eliminations. Will we go to Einstein this year??

We plan to register for one additional regional event, most likely the San Diego Regional held March 10-12. This popular week #2 regional will teach us much about the new game and will feature a very competitive field: Teams 399, 599, 968, 973, 987, and 1538 have already registered.

We will learn about the new game at the Kickoff event, to be held Sat. Jan. 8. Between now and then, we have much work to do. We need to secure our build location, add new student recruits, obtain more sponsor support and add to our skill set in CAD, programming, web-site development, …

Welcome to the 10th season for Team 980 – let’s make it our best ever!

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