Team 980: Piggybackr Fundraiser Success!

Team 980 students conducted a highly-successful fundraising campaign in 2013 using Piggybackr, a crowdfunding site designed for youth organizations. During the 2013 season, Team 980 set (and met!) intermediate goals for build, competition season ($4,000) and our “Drive to Success!” ($7,500). Here’s a screenshot of our team page at the conclusion of our fundraiser:

Students created individual pages, with their own fundraising targets and progress displayed. Some students added their own videos, as well as describing the impact of FIRST Robotics Competition on their future.

Special thanks go to our Gold Sponsor: Tweed Financial Services!

Team 980 plans to use Piggybackr in future seasons to raise funds and awareness for our program.

Congratulations to our student members for all their efforts this year!