Team 980 Returns from 2010 IRI Competition

Team 980 competed in it’s seventh IRI event on July 16-17. We faced very stiff competition from the field of 78 top-notch FIRST Robotics Competition team. Except for a radio failure in our first match, our robot and drive team performed quite well in our matches. In the end, we were among 45 other teams that did not compete in the elimination round.

Travis Cox and Matt Goldstein carry our robot from field after another intense match at IRI.

Another California team, the BeachBots (Team 330), finished as top-seed in the competition. After a four-hour marathon elimination round, the BeachBots went on to win IRI with a very strong alliance, including Teams 469 (Michigan), 359 (Hawaii) and 399 (Lancaster, CA).

Team 980 member Laura Toyne received a standing ovation for her original song performance at the IRI Talent Show on Friday night. Our trip to IRI was again an exciting and rewarding adventure!

Right after Team 980 returned from IRI, we started work on a t-shirt cannon to be used a robot demonstrations and promotional events. Our cannon will be featured at the Los Angeles Sparks “City of Pasadena Night” event at Staples Center on August 4!

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