Welcome to Logomotion!

Team 980 had a very successful kickoff and is very excited about the 2011 game: Logomotion

Here’s the animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxujTCgQPgg

Checkout the Game Manual – password: 5Time4For3Robots2to1Dance!

We will analyze the game in detail at our next meeting Monday (6 pm) at the Burbank float barn (map). We will then start collecting ideas in our brainstorming process. To make our process effective, it’s very important for everyone to understand the game and robot rules (Sec 3 and 4).

Here’s the FIRST Design video recommended by Dave Lavery (7 min). Please check it out.

Here’s the Chief Delphi thread on brainstorming. There are also a lot of discussions regarding mini-bots, scoring, etc in CD. I encourage members to join CD and get involved in discussions.

On Monday, we will inventory our Kit-of-Parts (KOP). We must report shortages before our Wed meeting.

Also on Monday, we’ll discuss team organization. We will have these sub-teams: robot mechanical, robot controls, mini-robot, business operations, Chairman’s, web-site, imagery and marketing/fund-raising. Students can participate in more than one sub-team. We will identify student team leaders and mentors for each of those areas.

If you haven’t already done so, please register at the FIRST Student Team Information Management System. Note: parental consent required to complete registration with FIRST:


Students, please complete the NASA team entrance survey:


Other business:

Here’s a link to the resource page for the FIRST e-watt LED bulb fund-raiser. We should consider this for raising travel funds for our trip to Championship (St. Louis).

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