Monthly Archives: August 2010

Team 980 T-shirt Cannon a “Blast” at NEY demonstrations

Team 980 built a “stand-alone” t-shirt cannon designed to be easily mounted onto a robot chassis for demonstration and outreach events. Starting just after our return from IRI, an air-powered cannon was designed, built and tested in less than two weeks. Several Team 980 students, particularly Joey, Galina, Aaron, Alex, Alejandro, Bruno, and Laura worked […]

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Team 980 Returns from 2010 IRI Competition

Team 980 competed in it’s seventh IRI event on July 16-17. We faced very stiff competition from the field of 78 top-notch FIRST Robotics Competition team. Except for a radio failure in our first match, our robot and drive team performed quite well in our matches. In the end, we were among 45 other teams […]

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