Nov 062012

Team 980 hosted the Southern California Regional Robotics Forum (SCRRF) 2012 Fall Classic robotics competition at John Burroughs HS (Burbank) on Saturday, October 27.

This year’s event featured 26 robots competing in a one-day FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Rebound Rumble tournament.
Each robotics team played 6 qualification matches before alliance selections determined the field of six elimination alliances. The #1 and #2 teams received a first-round bye while the #3 through #6 alliances had a single-match play-n to the semi-finals. An elite group of judges interviewed and evaluated teams for five awards and a “Peer Favorite Robot” was selected by the teams themselves. Results of the event are shown below:

Final results for 2012 SCRRF Fall Classic

SCRRF is a segment of LA Robotics, producer of the event. Team 980 has hosted the Fall Classic since 2008, with John Burroughs Main Gymnasium serving as the venue for the past three years. The competition was played on an official Rebound Rumble playing field by arrangement with FIRST, the Western Region Robotics Forum and LA Robotics.

Nov 012012

Team 980′s website was hacked last season. All of our content was lost from the host server.

We’ve restored some content from, e-mails and other records relevant to Team 980′s history

We are moving ahead, reporting current events while reconstructing our gallery, document, pages etc.